M.S., Keto,

and my non-linear “Getting Healthy” journey

A lot has happened to me personally since I last posted here. That’s how life is, right? Here’s some highlights:

  • I’m over half-way through seminary! (WHOO-HOO!)
  • The hubby and I have become “empty-nesters” (turns out we were the ones making the mess in the house, not the kids).
  • I have gained all the weight back I lost in 2011-2012 (since that time I have lost and gained the same pounds over and over at the top end of the scale).
  • My exercise regimen had become “not so regular.”
  • I was diagnosed with rosacea (the acne kind), and found out that a LOT of foods I eat, the activities I enjoy, and stress, trigger it. Do you see the problem here? Do I enjoy my coffee and chocolate, and de-stress by gardening? Or do I have a clear face? Choices, choices…
  • I took an unexpected but fun trip to Washington D.C. to see my youngest son, who was living there at the time. What a blast! Now he’s in Colorado. A trip out there would be AWESOME!
  • We’ve done a fair amount of traveling for school and have really enjoyed it!
  • Oh! And last September (2018), I was diagnosed with M.S. (multiple sclerosis). I have (thankfully just) one lesion on the myelin sheath that protects the nerves on my spinal cord, interrupting nerve impulses to other parts of my body. The joke is, my immune system is so ready to fight, it’ll fight me if there’s nothing else to do. (I didn’t say it was a funny joke…)
At the Lincoln Memorial with the Handsome Boy

The M.S. diagnosis threw me for a loop. I may share that story in another post. But right now I want to share some of what I have learned since my diagnosis. Turns out my thyroiditis, rosacea, and multiple sclerosis are all auto-immune related issues. I have been doing a fair amount of praying and researching about them and my treatment options. In the midst of this, a friend of mine directed me to a docu-series hosted by Montel Williams, who was also diagnosed with M.S. It is a 9-part series, and at the time only the first episode was available. But it was enough to shock me and peak my interest. It’s called The Real Skinny on Fat, by Naomi Whittel and Montel Williams.

The entire series came out this week and I have watched it all. Some of it is repetitive. But most all of it is MIND-BLOWING! If what is presented is true, our culture has been duped for the last 60 years about diet and weight-loss; and it has profoundly and negatively impacted our health. I have checked some of their claimed statistics on the CDC and National Institute of Health (NIH) websites, and they line-up (showing correlation, but not necessarily causation). I am convinced enough that I have changed my eating habits to test the theory, and the results thus far have been VERY encouraging. And here’s the thing… the diet doesn’t cost anything! We didn’t have to buy any additional supplements, or books, or resources. We just had to cut out sugar (and artificial sweeteners), wheat/grains, and “vegetable” oils. But we get to eat the good, yummy fats (butter, coconut and olive oil, avocado, heavy cream, etc). And I am feeling GREAT! My Keto-diet experiment will continue, and I will update as I go. But I wanted to share the link to the docu-series now because, according to them, it is only available this weekend (January 25-27) starting at 9pm tonight (Friday, January 25). I strongly encourage you to watch it. It could revolutionize the health of our community! Click here to begin watching… and happy viewing!

P.S. The makers of the docu-series are hoping to sell the videos and some other info. It’s not required to view this weekend. I haven’t bought any of it yet. I’m still debating the idea in my mind because years of dieting has left me skeptical of fads… and still carrying a lot of extra weight. If I find out it’s all a bunch of hogwash, I’ll let you know that, also.

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