In the Eye of the Storm

To say it’s been an emotionally “stormy” few weeks would be an understatement. Our extended family had originally planned to be on a beach trip celebrating our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this week. Parents, siblings, grandkids of all ages, it’s quite the group and we have lots of fun. That was the plan. Then the storm broke in.

Mom and Dad were already in Florida babysitting the youngest grands (the “Littles”). They are the cutest! At the end of that time (on a Sunday), Dad ended up in the hospital with a rogue ear infection which had become bacterial meningitis and mastoiditis. Who knew that could happen? It did not look good: ICU, induced coma, ventilator, the “works.” Doctors were not too optimistic. Family came down. Prayer requests went out. Hundreds responded. God heard. Miraculously, by Wednesday of that week, he came off the ventilator and was coherent, recognized everyone, responded to commands, could talk and swallow. Even the doctors were astonished. It was NOT the outcome they had expected. The nurses and other care-givers were so loving and gracious. Dad was thanking everyone, praising God, witnessing to the doctors. We were celebrating and contemplating the next steps. Looking back, it was an eye in the storm.

By Friday, the storm started raging again. Dad started having some breathing problems. They got worse fast. That night the attending physician made the call to put him back on the ventilator (that’s a long story in itself.) It was a long night with more prayer requests sent out. By the next morning things were looking better and they took him back off the vent. When he woke up this time, though, he was a bit more serious. The trauma had affected him. On Sunday he seemed stable and on the mend. It was still “raining” and “cloudy,” but surely the sun was shining and clear skies were on the horizon. We said our good-byes and several of us headed back home to Georgia.

The week progressed and at some point he was moved out of ICU to a “step down floor.” Clouds were starting to clear. Plans were made again. However, this storm apparently had another “eye.” Or maybe it was another storm, I don’t know. But by Sunday the clouds were rolling in again. You know how storms are. You see a few clouds and don’t think anything of it. You sense a change in atmosphere, but dismiss it. Then all of a sudden the winds kick up, the lightening strikes and the thunder rolls. On Monday of this week, Dad was moved back to ICU. Doctors weren’t sure what was going on. Thankfully they recognized he would be best treated by his medical professionals at home, so they put in orders to have him transferred (what we were originally told the insurance company wouldn’t allow). Now he’s back in Georgia under the care and supervision of his specialty doctors. We are cautiously optimistic.

I haven’t listened to contemporary Christian radio in at least a week. But for some reason this morning, the song “In the Eye of the Storm” was queued in my subconscious. I was singing what little I could remember of it as I walked into work. I went into the Ministry Center for the juice of consciousness (coffee), and there was a group in there getting ready for River of Life. They had the radio playing on the same. exact. song. God had cued my subconscious and then poked my consciousness on the shoulder. I had to go look it up and see the lyrics. It turns out to be the perfect reminder for today. God knew that. He is our Anchor, no matter the storm.

I link it here for you because maybe your skies are cloudy. Maybe the wind is knocking you around. His love surrounds you in the eye of the storm. Be blessed!

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3 Responses to In the Eye of the Storm

  1. shirley thompson says:

    Tears are flowing. Your written words are so beautiful. God’s presence is so real. Praise HIS Holy Name!! Prayers are lifted for your Dad, his doctors, and all of his loved ones.

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