Fleeing the Land of Excess (part 2)

Yesterday I made the argument here that we, as individuals and as a nation, are “owned” by our affinity for excessive consumption. It’s killing us. Payback looms on the horizon.

We know this. It stresses us. We want to fix it. But we want an easy fix at a point where an easy fix is too late. Have you ever noticed the change a person is willing to make comes about ten years after the point at which the smallest change would have had the largest impact to positively affect outcome? For example: one is willing to stop smoking after the lung cancer diagnosis. One is willing to change eating habits and exercise after the heart attack. One is willing to live on a budget after they get evicted. One is willing to deal with whatever addiction they have after they’ve lost health, relationships, employment, and/or freedom. For some reason we are content to live with the stubborn idea that our habits are not that big of a deal until they lead us into crisis.

When the crisis finally comes, we are overwhelmed realizing we can’t just take a pill and fix everything. We need to make drastic lifestyle changes.

We also act like a certain politician or political party is the diet pill for our national debt. Get real, people! Once elected, those politicians want to keep their jobs! They don’t want to make the deep cuts and raise the necessary taxes to fix this problem and balance our budget. That would make them unpopular! I mean, how often have you changed doctors because you had one say you were overweight and/or needed to make some lifestyle changes? Have you ever gotten mad at a friend who has told you that? How about that jerk at school or work who made some thoughtless comment about your size. When people tell us hard truth, we feel insulted and get mad at them…especially those who give us “impossible” solutions, like changing our entire lifestyle and cutting back.

I just realized when I typed that last sentence this post may make you mad. If you need to change, I hope it does. It’s a better response than rolling your eyes. And I hope that anger catalyzes you to make those necessary changes before it is too late. Why wait until crisis? The choices you make now will have consequences. And the longer you entertain certain lifestyle habits, whether it’s eating excessively, drinking excessively, spending excessively, just doing anything excessively, the more ingrained those habits become and the harder it is to change them.

I know I’ve been rambling a bit here. That’s the danger of getting on a soapbox. Maybe all the politicking of this election year is getting to me…especially as the National Debt climbs past 16 trillion dollars.

It is time that we, as individuals and as a nation, exercise self-discipline, learn to live within healthy boundaries, make the tough cuts to our lifestyle in order to pay off our debt, and set ourselves free. The Land of Excess is really a land of slavery to desires. The real Promised Land is a land of freedom within healthy, productive boundaries.

Let’s encourage each other. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s pray for each other. Let’s get free!

What is holding you in the Land of Excess?

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4 Responses to Fleeing the Land of Excess (part 2)

  1. cycleguy says:

    For many years I can say it was that Jones family that kept me in the land of excess. Then, of course, I came to realize it was not them but me…my own selfishness. I am trying hard to get out of that land.

  2. Shirley says:

    Wow, preacher, you say “the truth”. What a wonderful article! How wonderful it would be that the entire world would heed his warning and act upon it…..guess I am talking about Heaven!! It only takes “a spark and why not let it start with me”. I want to be set free….eat healthy and encourage others. I loved the way you ended. You are always caring for your fellow man.

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