I got out of my nice, warm bed for this???

The phone rang at 7:03am… I was supposed to be at the gym at 7:00 to meet my trainer for my monthly measurements. His phone call woke me up from a deep sleep. What starts like this can’t end well…

I quickly dressed and rushed out the door. I couldn’t go anywhere for a few minutes because of the layer of ice on my windshield; another sign I should have just stayed in bed.

You know, as I write this I am losing steam. I was all discouraged by the results of my measurements (I only lost 2.4 pounds during the 4 week period and my measurements via tape measure were almost the same as last time). But as I’m trying to convey the drama of the disappointment, it just isn’t that serious. It’s not like I was in a car wreck on the way, or someone got sick, or something else major happened. I’m being a whiny baby over something stupid. And as stressful as this week has been, it’s not worth it.
When I got home from the gym, I read a post by Larry “the Deuce” on feeling defeated. He helped me put things into perspective a bit by telling me:

While not Biblical,  I heard a football coach recently say that you can’t watch the scoreboard. Instead you have to focus on the process. If we would trust the “process” the Lord has us going through, then maybe we wouldn’t feel defeated and discouraged.

The Lord has me going through several processes, it seems. Besides my personal “Biggest Loser” journey, we are about to lead another Financial Peace University class (and not a moment too soon!). So we have shored up the walls of our budgetary process again… gotta practice what I’m preaching. Of course, this forces us to honestly look at our financial picture… and it ain’t pretty. Just another scoreboard, though. Our paychecks affect our finances, of course. Time for a new process there, as well. I’ve been at my present job for a year now. I realized recently, due to a few “quarterback sacks”, I have lost yardage instead of gaining and have been playing defense too much of the game. Time to get the ball back!

In today’s Prime Time with God daily devotional, the author says right at the end:

Whenever there is a lack of resources, God is either teaching us to trust Him in greater ways or He is using this to direct our path to new sources of income. Trust the Lord to bring you what you need in the timing that He determines.

There it is again. Trust the Lord and the processes He provides. Help me, Lord, to focus on You and follow Your process.

Ok, dear Audience, what processes does God have you going through?

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