Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

Sometimes when we sing I wonder if we really understand what we are saying. The song “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord” always reminds me of this. Do we really understand what we are asking God when we say, “I want to see You”?

Sunday we sang this during worship. As we were practicing before service, God answered that song-prayer in the most unexpected way.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see You. To see You high and lifted up, shining in the light of Your glory. Pour out Your power and love as we sing holy, holy, holy.

What came to mind as I was singing this prayer were some of the precious youth I had the privilege of knowing at Harmony Grove UMC in Lilburn, GA. They had made up these hand motions to go along with the words. I thought of those young people, now young adults, who I hear from now and then. I hear sometimes on their Facebook posts how they are seeking and glorifying God still. Awesome! I’m so proud of them! I thought about the other adults who worked with them, many of whom were parents of those kids, and the impact their lives had on me, and how they are still glorifying God in their lives and communities. As the memories came, so did the tears.

Then we sang “How Great is Our God”, and I remembered the precious youth I worked with at New Hope Christian Church in Lawrenceville, GA, who sang this song with me; and the youth who made up the liturgical dance to this song at Camp Christian in Gordan, GA. These awesome young people still worship and serve the Lord together. And I hear about what they are up to on Facebook. (Makes me thankful for that digital connection.) I couldn’t sing any more because of the lump in my throat.

This morning I thought about what happened Sunday and what it meant. I realized God did exactly what I was asking Him to do. He “opened the eyes of my heart to see Him”– in the faces of the people I know who love Him. I have seen the Lord “high and lifted up, shining in the light of His glory”–through the lives of some of His saints, who may not feel like saints, but who shine His light by loving others. He does “pour out His power and love as we sing holy, holy, holy”–with one another as we worship God together.

My heart fills and overflows out of my tear ducts. I know what we see now here on earth is but a dim reflection compared to the beauty and majesty we will see when we see God face to face. Mind-boggling!

This morning I thank God for answering my prayer. I thank God for the experiences He has given me and for the people He has brought into my life.

And I have to give a shout out to my youngest son. Today is his birthday and I thank God for him!

Has God opened the eyes of your heart lately? What did you see?

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