The Switch

It’s been an interesting month at work. For nearly a year I have worked with the girls. But in some crazy hoopla I was moved to the boys’ cottage. At first I was hurt because it seemed I was being attacked and I didn’t know from where the attack was coming. It seemed to have something to do with me taking the girls to church where they were interacting with (GASP!) boys! By interacting, I mean a couple of the girls had developed a VERY one-sided crush on a couple of the boys in the youth group (keep in mind there are only 4 boys in the youth group at this time…small church). We evidently can’t allow that, unless they are at school and not under our supervision. I was told I could no longer take the girls to that church, where they liked going, where they were growing some spiritually, where they were hearing the truth about Who God is and who they were to God. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. To say I handled it well would be inaccurate >:-(

Didn’t God want all that stuff for those girls? I knew God was in control…wasn’t He? I just wasn’t sure what He wanted me to do about the situation. I was hurt and my feelings were way too involved. Now I know I was focusing on the wrong thing. This situation was another kite string. But at the time, I was praying hard about that kite string and all the people who could be pulling on it!

Several weeks after that incident, I was told I would not be working with the girls anymore. That hurt. I almost quit right then. But I have bills to pay. So I had to suck it up and deal with it. Blah!

Work with boys… scary…

Turns out boys are waaaay easier…LOL. Maybe easier is the wrong word. I can’t describe the difference, but I like it.

Aannndd… Guess what! I can take the boys to church! 😀

I’m leary, I’ll be honest. The first week I took them, we warned them that any negative behavior (such as hugging girls…really) would result in them not being able to go again. The two guys who went decided it would be best to discourage the other boys from going to decrease the odds for a screw up. They came back to the cottage and said how awful it was, then begged to go back the next week.

God is in control. I’m learning how to help another group of youth and staff. Hopefully I’ll do better this time. Lesson: Focus on God and don’t worry about who is pulling strings.

Have you learned a lesson in a difficult time recently?


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