On Kites and Sunsets

I watched the kite as it soared above the beach. I thought briefly of how, if the kite had thoughts, it might be frustrated by the string anchoring it to the earth and not letting it fly free, but how that anchor was the very thing that helped it fly. Without the string holding it in position against the wind, the kite would have just tumbled along the shoreline like a lose plastic grocery sack, never getting more than a few inches off the ground, until it picked up so much water and sand it was permantly grounded. I’m sure there’s a lesson on parenting in there for us somewhere. But I didn’t take the time to ponder such a lesson because I was trying my best to figure out who was holding the other end of the string. There was no one nearby on the beach. So what was the string tied to? I searched everywhere, trying to calculate the angle of the kite and what the angle of the string might be.

I walked around to view the kite from a different angle and there it was… not the string, but the sunset, the most beautiful sunset. It was like an artist’s painting in 3D. The storm clouds underneath the sun reflected its rays back into the atmosphere like giant spotlights. In the middle of the cavernous clouds was a hole that appeared as a lighted passageway to a heavenly world. I was stunned by the beauty of it all. “Wow, God! Well done! You spoke all the elements that compose this magnificent scene into existence! Plus You gave me the eyes and opportunity to experience it. Thank You!!!”

I love how God can “show up” and suddenly grab our attention when we are so intently focused on something else. In the midst of trying to solve some dilemna, He speaks from the clouds to remind me that the problem I am focusing on is nothing compared to His awesome beauty. The kite wasn’t mine and was never my responsibility to worry about. My own curiousity got me “involved” and wasted some time.

I waste a LOT of time looking at things that distract me from God’s greater plan. What about you?

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3 Responses to On Kites and Sunsets

  1. I definitely waste a lot of time focusing on other things than God. I think we all do. It seems like an ebb and flow to life. Focus in and then out, focus in and then out.

    • tlhumphries says:

      Ebb and flow, like beach waves… I like how you kept with the theme there 🙂 It seems the problems often cause us to focus in better, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for reading and responding!

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