Creatures of Habit

Fido the Wonder Dog talking to his fans

We got a new door yesterday, a beautiful French door between our kitchen and back deck. The old door wouldn’t shut or lock properly. The new one is great! But it opens differently… which isn’t a problem for us people…but the dog is confused. This morning when we got home from taking DS to school, I opened the door. Fido the Wonder Dog walked right past the open door and went to where the door used to open….and stood there for a minute waiting for that side of the French door to open…stupid Wonder Dog! I could understand if the door hadn’t already been opened. But good gracious!

He’s a creature of habit. Turns out, we people are creatures of habit, also. This event made me wonder: “How often have I stood behind the closed-door to new opportunities because, rather than paying attention to the open door nearby, out of habit I just keep attempting to do what I’ve always done and wonder why it’s not working?” I know it’s happened far too often. Hopefully I am learning to heed my Master’s voice when He calls me over to the new doors.

Fido the Wonder Dog on the move

Have you found yourself standing outside a closed-door recently?

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