Since February is my birth month, I am especially fond of it. I have to admit, though, if it wasn’t my birth month I would probably hate it. Is it just me, or does February seem to have a lot of added, and often unnecessary, stress in it? It seems that people are on edge more. Kids are acting out more. There’s more drama at work. There’s more tension at home. Everybody wants to act like the groundhog: stick our heads out of our cocoons, look around at the craziness of life, and crawl back in a safe hole for 6 more weeks. All the while the threat of spring entices us to break free, ignore safety and get prepared to live the adventure of summer. Maybe we’ve just gotten to lazy over the winter. Maybe we just  figured out that dealing with stuff takes too much effort. Maybe the little devil on our shoulder is saying, “Forget adventure. You’d have to deal with others then. Just turn the television or computer back on, sit and relax, and watch fake drama. Then you won’t be in danger of getting your feelings hurt or failing.”

February is that month between the excitement of the holidays and the frolicking of spring. And smack in the middle is a day devoted to romantic love, anticipated by some and hated by others. Because it’s a “slow month”, it’s a time of evaluation by bosses and teachers. February represents crossroads in our lives. It reminds us that even though we’ve been really busy, we haven’t accomplished all we meant to get done… and we sometimes find it hard to care. Back in the hole we go.

What about you? Have you noticed more stress this month? Are people in your world acting a bit strangely?

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