It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I’ve been kinda busy with my new job. What a blessing it is! I’ve had the opportunity in my new work environment to observe different people of different ages and statuses and personal histories interact with one another and form different kinds of relationships. I have noticed no matter what history of relationships a person has experienced in the past, no matter what the age or status of an individual, no matter what gender or any other qualifier with which we separate ourselves, on some level each one of us searches for acceptance. We want to find someone to accept us, then we can accept that we are loved or are loveable.

I am of the belief that our desire for acceptance was put into our hearts by God. The basis of any religion seems to be seeking acceptance by God. Follow these rules, do these things, make these sacrifices and God will accept us. We even find that initially in the Bible. God gave the Israelites a law to follow to be acceptable to Him. They couldn’t keep the law because the purpose of the law was to show that we can’t be good enough to earn a Holy God’s acceptance. Then God did the unthinkable, He made us acceptable to Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. We don’t have to earn God’s acceptance because we can’t. We can never be that good. So God decided to accept us anyway, if we will just accept His gift. What a deal! God will, through Jesus, accept us even though we are broken, messed up, and can’t seem to get it right. That is the message of Christmas: God loves us so much He sent His Son into this world to offer us acceptance. Jesus did what we couldn’t do on our behalf. All we have to do is accept Him. Sounds like the most wonderful Christmas gift in the universe.

Merry Christmas!

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